About Us

A Finger on the Pulse of the Healthcare Industry

ArioTech is a leading-edge healthcare consulting company. Our focus is to develop Interactive Wireless Health Monitoring solutions that improve patient care, quality of life and safety while increasing operational efficiency for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical researchers. Additionally, we pave the road for new and improved drug development and early-stage disease prevention and detection.
ArioTech specializes in connected, interactive, user-friendly system solutions, based on cost-effective, existing and emerging technologies. This simplifies care management by making it possible for diverse applications to run on a common platform, therefore eliminating the need for multiple devices. In addition, a variety of functions can run concurrently—in other words there is no need to put heartbeat monitoring on hold while measuring blood pressure. This approach reduces development time and costs, simplifies maintenance and upgrades, and supports scalability and adaptability for the future. This model truly addresses the needs of the entire healthcare industry, including pharmaceutical researchers, out-patient healthcare providers, and health plan providers.

Responding to Industry Trends

A number of crises are occurring with healthcare delivery in the US. Consumer expectations are rising while reimbursement and coverage by insurance companies are declining. There is a growing need for acute care, despite a decrease in the number of facilities. Physicians and hospitals are ”going paperless” to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Meanwhile, studies show an increase in the number of medical errors.
ArioTech’s Interactive Wireless Health Monitoring solutions connect patients with healthcare professionals anytime, anywhere, significantly improving communication and data collection while streamlining the decision-making process. Health monitoring reduces the cost of care by reducing patient visits to clinics and hospitals. Authorized medical staff can access patient records or real-time data immediately and respond proactively. When patients are compliant with treatments and regularly monitored, quality of life is improved through a quicker recovery, less complications or slower progression of the disease. Healthcare costs decrease when illness is cured quickly, delayed or kept from progressing. All this can be accomplished while maintaining privacy and security.
Our solutions also offer great values to pharmaceutical companies, to capture critical data quickly, more frequently and more accurately during clinical drug trials. This aids in development of safe new drugs, and provides immediate feedback to better understand and control adverse reactions as well as the cause and prevention of diseases.