MDA System

The Medical Digital Assistance (MDA) System

The ArioTech Medical Digital Assistance (MDA) system is a confidential interactive wireless patient monitoring platform that provides an integrated and secure solution for managing outpatient care and diagnostic information. It has no physical boundaries, letting you stay connected with your patients anywhere, anytime. This unique holistic approach to next-generation health management is a flexible and scalable platform, delivering innovations that healthcare professionals can use to collect patient therapy information, perform research and analyze data – all in real-time.
MDA system-based solutions improve efficiency, reliability, and quality of healthcare while significantly increasing ROI and protecting your long-term investment with designed-in scalability. The MDA system is made up of two platforms: 1) MDA Mobile and 2) MDA Web. These solutions can be designed to comply with the 21 Code of Federal Regulations Part 11 to address the emerging global regulatory guidance and technical standards.

MDA Mobile

The MDA Mobile is a next-generation wireless device capable of providing real-time diagnostic and biometric information, opening the door to a new category of telemedicine and telehealth. It allows doctors, hospitals, researchers and other healthcare providers access to a constant stream of diagnostic and biometric information from patients with heart problems, diabetes, chronic diseases, blood disorders, and much more, even while gathering data for clinical research. It also provides consistent and constant health monitoring, to help avoid a crisis before it develops.
MDA Mobile software can function on a variety of portable devices including cell phones, PDAs, smartphones, tablets, iPhones, mobile internet devices (MID), net books, and note books, etc. These devices can interface wirelessly with sensors worn by a patient and, additionally, connect to other point-of-care devices such as a spirometer, pulse oximeter, glucometer, dermal temperature patch, blood analyzer, infusion pump, physical activity monitor or blood pressure monitor. Benefits include:
  • Simplicity – An easy-to-view, easy-to-use interface makes the ArioTech MDA Mobile device simple and logical—even for patients with no computer skills.
  • Remote management and support – ArioTech offers 24/7 secure, professional system maintenance and IT support for both healthcare professionals and their out-patients.
  • Convenience – Portable and pocketable, the MDA Mobile device is easy to carry and automatically synchronizes to a centralized database.
  • Two-way communications – Nurses, physicians, researchers, patients, other healthcare and plan providers enjoy secure communications via video, message, voice, email and fax.
  • Secure and private – Device privacy is assured by use of unique user identification, audit control with reports of data usage, and the consistent enforcement of HIPAA security and encryption policies.


Using an interactive, web-based interface, ArioTech’s MDA Web provides the tools required for screening, monitoring, diagnosing, analyzing, and managing data for a variety of disease conditions and research applications.
This platform uses latest-generation technology to create a centralized database storage system which can be located and maintained either on-premises and/or at off-site locations. Both flexible and secure, these scalable, affordable systems support your growing information management needs by running web hosting, compete with high-performance computing applications that provide data analysis, generate a variety of reports depending on the need of each particular team member, then store or automatically send reports to applicable staff. It also supports multiple types of handheld/mobile devices and operating systems while integrating with a variety of database systems. All this is managed with a single point of IT administration. This reduces uncertainty, quantifies variability, refines processes and helps you allocate resources with greater precision.

In addition, the MDA Web can:

  • Seamlessly integrate collected data with existing EMR/PHR databases directly to enhance and simplify communication. In addition, MDA Web offers healthcare providers the ability to communicate with Microsoft HealthVault utilizing its current Microsoft SQL Database Server connection sockets to interface with their EMR/PHR records.
  • Fully protect vital study data and patients’ records with user authentication protocols, dedicated servers, and remote network backup.
  • Provide quick and efficient retrieval of current and archived records by applicable healthcare and health plan providers.
  • Integrate time-stamping of data to ensure that the chronology of a patient’s disease and treatment are logged accurately.
  • Deliver comprehensive, real-time summary reports (dashboard), complete with a patient’s history of treatment, medications, side effects, vital signs, etc., allowing healthcare professionals to step back from the details and see the big picture, with key trends and response patterns.

Stakeholders Benefits

MDA System Benefits for Patients
  • Monitors health indicators anywhere, anytime, reducing the need for office visits and/or hospitalization. Leaves more time to live life, regardless of the diagnosis or health condition.
  • When a patient knows they are monitored, including consistent two-way communication with their health provider, it helps ease the stress of an illness, provide peace of mind, and promote quicker healing.
  • Automatic wireless synch-up removes the need for plug-in cables, or even to have a computer at home.
  • User-friendly interface makes it simple for all ages and all levels of technical ability to monitor their condition and better manage their care.
  • Better titration of therapy will yield better health outcomes.
  • A resource center with illustrated reports helps patients better understand the trends and progress of their condition, to keep them informed and empowered.
     MDA System Benefits for Healthcare Professionals
  • Automated non-compliance alerts support early intervention and save time through management by exception.
  • Unnecessary visits are eliminated, yet healthcare professionals can stay in contact with patients. Less paperwork means reduced costs and more time for patient care.
  • Better compliance means healthier patients with fewer office visits and hospital stays.
  • The ArioTech MDA system integrates with existing electronic medical records (EMR) through standard and/or proprietary interfaces, keeping records in one place and reducing the amount of paper storage.
  • Easy access to trending reports allows healthcare providers to better visualize patient activity and manage therapies.
  • Two-way communication enables more efficient, timely communication between health providers and patients.
  • Physiological data portrays a truly accurate statistical update, which is sometimes different from what a patient indicates.
     MDA System Benefits for Clinical Drug Trial Researchers
  • Patient data collected by electronic systems has consistently demonstrated a reduction in data variance when compared to data collected on paper. This means studies can contain smaller cohorts, saving significant time and cost.
  • A real-time connection with participants improves the ability to monitor and intervene quickly if adverse events occur.
  • The ArioTech MDA Mobile connects directly to point-of-care devices—for example with ambulatory actigraphy devices, oxygen, heart or blood pressure monitors, etc.,—to collect and record data more objectively.
  • Electronic data collection is more accurate, less costly, and reports can be collected and analyzed seamlessly. Time is not lost waiting for paper to arrive or for data to be entered.
  • With real-time recording and collection—plus a time-stamp to increase accuracy—recall bias is reduced.
  • The ArioTech MDA system not only collects and securely stores patients’ data, but also supports dedicated application software to manage the study and conduct data analysis.