Why ArioTech

Digitally connected. Anywhere. Anytime.

Today’s consumer is digitally connected to send and receive information anytime, from anywhere in the world. Likewise, secure wireless communication devices are increasingly becoming a necessity for mobile healthcare professionals who require frequent access to information.
ArioTech develops Interactive Wireless Health Monitoring system solutions that remove the barrier of distance: patients don’t have to be in a hospital to be monitored; doctors don’t have to be at the hospital or office to check patient records; drug studies receive immediate feedback. Benefits include greater accuracy and reliability of information. We believe this can be accomplished while allowing patients more freedom and normalcy in their lives, even when coping with life-threatening conditions.
ArioTech understands that healthcare providers and patients can benefit from the mature digital and wireless technologies readily available, today. By building upon an industry-standard and modular platform, multiple current and new applications can run simultaneously, and clients can use a single device to handle myriad functions. This common platform can be easily adapted to emerging applications while interfacing with multiple electronic systems in the hospital, clinical, research and plan-provider settings.
We understand, however, that one size does not fit all. At ArioTech, we are committed to meeting and surpassing your expectations by working collaboratively to complement your core competencies with innovative solutions. We listen carefully to develop a clear understanding of your individual situation, propose a variety of options, then implement and tailor the solution to your specific needs.